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Real Estate in Colorado continues to be a HOT commodity!

But you already know that, or you wouldn't be here checking out this opportunity, are we right?

Here's the problem you are faced with in this crazy Seller's market: 

You are currently locked into a lease with your tenant, and like it or not, it will cost you a pretty penny to break that lease and cash in on the equity in that property.  This market is anticipated to last for a while.  It's no wonder, when Colorado Springs was just named the #1 place to live last week (again)!  So what's the rush, right?  Well, nobody can define "a while" as a real time frame. 

Here's the solution: 

We hold the keys to take you from being a tired, over committed landlord, to regaining your personal freedom - more free time, more disposable cash on hand, less worry about maintaining the condition of a property you don't live in, no more making repairs after each tenant leaves, and less hassle from an HOA watching over your shoulder.

Simply, give us a call, text us, or Email Us for more information - we may have a solution that works for both you and your tenant.  You cash out on the home, your tenant gets to stay where they are, and everyone is happy!

Hey... If Warren Buffet believes in and backs this company, it has to be good!

We know, you want details right?  Well, continue reading to understand how the program works:

We represent a large Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) which currently owns over 10,000 homes in 20 states (that number grows every day).  In Colorado, that number is over 2,000 homes, and counting.  In the Colorado Springs market alone they are consistently closing 10-14 homes per week using this program.  The assets of our company sit at over 2.5 Billion and grow every day.  A major difference between our company and those others offering to buy your home for cash:  Our company can buy your home at CURRENT MARKET VALUE for CASH.  We do NOT "low-ball" the value of your home like other most companies wanting to "Buy your house for cash" (they may only give you 80% of what your home is worth).  Another bonus... we can close as quickly as 20 days from the date of your Purchase Contract!  That's less than a month from the date of your purchase contract until you are free and clear with money in hand.

Still have questions about how all of this works?

Your tenant must qualify for the program.  To qualify, they will need a minimum credit score of 550 and a verifiable combined income of at least $50,000 or more.  Pets are accepted, up to 3 with a combined weight not to exceed 180 pounds (no Dobermans, Rottweilers, Pit Bulls or Mastiffs) and no farm animals. 

Once the tenant has met the criteria of the program, our Investment company buys the home for them, directly from you for CASH - no appraisal required.  Your portion of the contract is fulfilled by conducting a normal real estate closing, title is conveyed, and you are free, nothing more is required of you.

Once we close the property, your tenant maintains the "right" to purchase the home directly from the Investment company at any time during the leasing arrangement but they are under NO obligation to purchase.  Their only obligation to the company is a one year lease and they can renew the lease up to five years locking in a set rental price.  This gives them up to five years to become the OWNER of the home by buying it from the Investment company at any time, utilizing a standard mortgage which they will obtain on their own.  Not only that, the purchase price for them is determined at the onset so no matter how crazy the market gets, the home never goes out of reach for them to purchase.  

What if the tenant can't qualify?  If you still want to sell your investment property once the lease is completed with your current tenant, we can list your home and advertise this program as an extra incentive for potential buyers.  Having this option available to buyers opens your home up to so many more lookers, renters who can't quite qualify for a traditional mortgage can many times qualify for this program.  We are certified agents for this program, we know the program ins and outs, how to help landlords obtain new personal and financial freedom, while helping current renters become future homeowners!

Just take a moment, close your eyes, and IMAGINE the personal freedom that comes with cashing out on your investment property NOW during one of the HOTTEST Seller's markets we've ever seen!  Are you ready to see if this program is right for you?

Don't wait, Call or Text us TODAY, we are here and ready to help!

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